15th  April  2017
Felt so at ease from the moment the session started X well informed , relaxed , curious , enlightened but very satisfied in Colleens hands X the whole time I was sent on a relaxing journey which ended in a sense of satisfaction, calmness and very relaxed . Highly recommend it X thanks so much for your time and expertise

27th February, 2017

I recently went through an extremely traumatic time in my life where l felt completely broken, anxious and unsure of the future.

I have had a few Reiki healing sessions in the past and it has helped restore my energy and balance.  So after talking to Colleen and discovering that she practices Reiki, l decided on having a healing session with her.

During the first session l experienced an incredible release of tension and at the end all my anxiety that l had been experiencing had dissipated. l had a profound sense of peace and calm…..I was no longer living in fear.

I have found l have been able to move on with my life with much more ease and an overwhelming feeling of self love and gratitude.

Colleen has a caring, compassionate nature and an innate intuitive ability to pick up on imbalances in your body.

I will be continuing to see Colleen for regular re-balancing and l see it as part of my regular self care plan.

Emily Pratt
Muscle Fit Massage & Myotherapy

27th February 17

I have had my fair share of challenges within my family.
I hadn’t had a Reiki session previously. Having known Colleen for some time now & I do have a keen interest in spirituality, I booked a session.
I didn’t experience any revelations or similar, other than being blissfully relaxed.
In days that followed I had an awesome sense of clarity and felt so relaxed & peaceful.
I will be going back & I’m taking my 82 yo mother.
A big thumbs up from me

Steve Mackley